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Remote Dispensing

Remote Dispensing is an exciting proven technology that provides long-term care facilities with on-location medication dispensing. Its accurate automated technology can quickly dispense pharmacist-approved medications at the facility before each medication pass or on-demand to facilitate new residents, STAT orders, first doses, and PRNs.

The technology frees nurses so that they have more time to spend with their residents. InSite supports long-term care facilities improve quality of care for their residents and creates better work environments for their nursing staff. With remote dispensing medications are dispensed on-demand in patient-specific multi-dose packets —eliminating medication waste and ensuring residents get the medications they need when they need them.

Eliminates Waste & Saves time

InSite Remote Dispensing can virtually eliminate medication waste by dramatically reducing or eliminating the need to create time consuming, waste-prone blister packs. The average InSite canister holds about 300 doses, and can be filled and processed in about the same time it takes to create a single 30-day blister card.

InSite enables automated and accurate dispensing:
  • Medications are dispensed only as needed, in patient specific multi-dose packets
  • Changes in prescribed medications or patient residency will no longer produce unused blister cards that need to be destroyed or returned
  • It reduces the number of medication deliveries and expensive special courier runs required
  • Insite can provide inventory and dispensing information for down-to-the-dose accountability

InSite gives your staff the time to perform other tasks:
  • Can eliminate blister pack-related storage, access, and inventory management concerns
  • Dramatically reduces the time needed to prepare for scheduled medication passes
  • Eliminates the need to perform time-consuming narcotics counts
  • Works with existing information systems, basing its automated inventory replenishment requests on actual medication usage

InSite is a secure system, ensuring medication accuracy:
  • Before delivery, each canister is filled, security sealed, checked and signed by the pharmacist
  • Allows automatic inventory monitoring and lot and expiration tracking
  • Supports an Automatic Canister Recognition System for added safety
  • Restricts access to stored medications with password-protection and locking metal doors
  • Packages up to 60 doses per minute with a broad variety of sorting options
  • Enables additional nursing time for patient safety issues such as fall-prevention

Call or Email Corey Whitney for more information on how your Skilled Nursing Facility can become a leader in the industry with on-site prescription dispensing.

CoreyWhitney@pwprx.com * 916-630-4963 (office)

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