About Us

About Us

Pacific West Pharmacy was created in 1987 by pharmacist Art Whitney to Long Term Care facilities of Northern California. Mr. Whitney and his three sons have been putting patient care first for more than three decades.

The Whitney’s know that patient care is a 24 hour responsibility and that is why they make themselves available 24/7 to nursing staff. Conflict resolution is a key component to Pacific West Pharmacy’s success. The ability for Art and Corey to intervene immediately and resolve any discrepancy (Typically a communication breakdown) proves extremely beneficial for the patient and the nursing staff. These qualities are not typically found in the large, corporate LTC Pharmacy management staff.

The pharmacy motto is “Patient First”. This is the decision making tool used every day at Pacific West Pharmacy. In the world of health care, conditions change quickly and the patient care shouldn’t be compromised due to reimbursement or Plan coverage.

Art Whitney, CEO

Corey Whitney, COO

Troy Whitney, IT Manager

Nick Whitney, Logistics/Delivery Manager